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Firefighters have a 61% Greater Chance of Being Diagnosed with Cancer than Any Other Career Field


Firefighters have a 61% greater chance of being diagnosed with Cancer than any other career field. (Michaels Memories is helping firefighters and their families, across the nation, “Getaway From Cancer”)

Michaels Memories is a 501 © 3 non-profit foundation built by firefighters for firefighters and their families. Michaels Memories sends firefighters that have been diagnosed with cancer on vacation with their family to “ Get Away” from the stress, trauma and financial burden a cancer diagnosis and treatment brings.

Founded in 2010 By Coppell Texas Firefighter / Paramedic Michael Williams, (Last Alarm March 24, 2019) Michael was diagnosed in 2009 with multiple myeloma. After completing chemo, radiation and surgery, Michael decided to take his daughter, then 8 years old, on a vacation. 7 days away from cancer and doctors appointments and sickness. This vacation changed their lives. Upon his return Michael and some of his Firefighter brothers started Michaels Memories.

Michael’s Memories has awarded vacations to firefighters and their families across the nation since its inception in 2010. Their first vacation was awarded in 2011 to New York City firefighter Ray Pfeifer. Pfeifer worked on Sept.11, 2001, and was one of many firefighters who worked to free people trapped in the rubble. His firehouse lost 13 colleagues that day. Firefighters can be nominated by their colleagues and family members through the Michaels Memories website at

The number of firefighters being diagnosed with cancer has grown exponentially over these past 10 years and Michaels Memories needs donations,strategic partnerships and volunteers to help these firefighter heros and their families keep up their strength to keep fighting.

Support and compassion and strength, that is what the choice to be a firefighter is all about.

“ I am nothing special, I just want to DO something special” Michael Williams, FF CFD

Laura Hallock, Executive Director

904-441-0090 - Direct

469-853-7287 - cell

P.O. Box 2140

Quinlin, Texas 75474

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