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To provide firefighters with cancer the opportunity to "getaway from cancer" on a vacation with their family. Allowing them to reconnect and escape the stress, trauma, and financial burden that undergoing cancer treatment creates while also involving the community and raising cancer awareness to the public.



Wade Cannon, Flower Mound (TX)

4/22/89 - 10/1/2022

Michael's Memories is saddened to share the news of the passing of Wade Cannon.  Wade and Chelsea were friends of Michael's Memories and recipients of one of our trips in 2021.  However, Wade and Chelsea would never take the trip, instead insisting that we give it to someone more deserving.  While we never got to send Wade on vacation, we know he spent his time creating memories with his family and friends that will outlive us all.

Wade, we will miss you, and thank you for your support in helping our brothers.

Ray Pfeifer FDNY Michaels Memories

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